Some thoughts on vintage 2011

There has been much talk and discussion within our industry since harvest about the quality or otherwise of vintage 2011 on the eastern seaboard. I’ve read reports which range from ‘fantastic all that water was just what the vines needed after all those years of drought’ to ‘dreadful we won’t be making any of our top wine’. I have no idea which of those two extremes is true. What I do know is what we grew in 2011 is awful and I have decided that we will release no wine at all, of that vintage. The actions needed because of the disease pressure, and the excessive amount of water which was taken up by the vines, changed the very character of the wine we made – the wine does not taste or smell like a Castagna wine – so I would prefer it not to be released under our label. The upside is that both the 2009 and 2010 vintages are excellent, but it does mean that the 2010 Allegro, which becomes available with this release – there isn’t very much – will be the last until after vintage 2012, in about November 2012.