Castagna 2014 Un Segreto (Sangiovese-Syrah)

The marriage of sangiovese and shiraz certainly works. The powdery, savoury tannins of sangiovese still make their presence felt, and the shiraz contributes richness to the palate without dominating the blend. Un Segreto bears the stamp of its creator and also that of the vineyard. It’s a unique wine.” Winewise



Aromatically complex with aromas of freshly turned earth, cigar box and sour cherry linked by lovely floral notes. The palate is vibrant and fresh with subtle notes of fine grained oak framed by fine powdery tannins, which gives the wine a textural richness. Cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise and cardamom add complexity. Dry and savoury without any hint of sweetness bringing together the best of both varieties. 

“Julian’s vineyard at Beechworth has proved to be an ideal home for the Brunello clone of sangiovese… The palate is richly flavoured, but tight, suggesting that over a decade of positive evolution lies ahead.” Winewise