Castagna 2016 Genesis Syrah

“Genesis Syrah deserves its icon status.” James Halliday



When we released the 2016 Cru wines in July last year, I held back Genesis because I felt it needed time to develop to its full potential. This medium-bodied granite-grown Syrah now shows the classic, but often elusive, sweet/savoury character, along with great tension and a wonderful crunch that, when present, makes Syrah so delicious.

Aromatically it speaks of violets, a little musk, some red and black berry, a suggestion of plum and raspberry. There are hints of spicy earthy notes and crushed dry leaf, mulberry perhaps, with ever-so- delicate notes of white truffle that draw you in and is totally intoxicating. Bright red currants and crunchy red cherry keeps the palate fresh and alive. Silky-smooth and now easily recognisable, Castagna tannins lengthen the sensation of the wine on the palate as it slips easily down the throat. This wine has a lovely tension which makes it so interesting.

These days we don’t often have third-party reviews available at release, but this year Mike Bennie came to visit to review our whole release for Winefront, this is what he wrote:

Leather and smoke, game meat, pepper, red berries mashed up, whiffs of dried rose petal are strong too. Evocative start. Flesh and yet sinew in texture, a plush roll of dried berries, ferrous character, game meat and clove-y notes, a crunch, yes, to finish, like biting into a not quite ripe cherry, providing tension through the finish. 93 Points