Castagna 2019 La Chiave (Sangiovese)

The triumphant Sangio of Beechworth…Vibrant, moreish, delicious.



The Sangiovese in 2018 has both seriousness and structure. La Chiave is a powerful yet delicate wine with a mesmerising perfume. It has great depth with a gravel-like tannin structure in the mouth which I think holds its own with great examples of the variety from Tuscany and shows more than a touch of old-world charm.

The triumphant Sangio of Beechworth…Vibrant, moreish, delicious.” ~ Mike Bennie in Wine Front.

“A wine that I have been particularly drawn to over the last few vintages, rather than beseeched to love by the earlier ones. Yet things take time to coalesce, particularly when the missives at Castagna are aimed at a world class target, rather than merely a local one. Succulent red fruit accents are bound by a sinuous tannic twine, doused in marjoram, mint, sandalwood, thyme and lavender, as it etches the palate. Some altitudinal freshness backs up the rear, towing the wine long while pulling the saliva forth in preparation for the next glass. This is very fine domestic Sangiovese.” ~ Ned Goodwin MW