Andrew Caillard MW in the Vintage Journal on Castagna

Julian Castagna is a unusual Australian vigneron combining artistic flair, quixotic dreams and singularity in his quest to make “wines of terroir”. After a career as a film director in London and running a production house in Sydney, he (and his wife Carolann) bought land and planted a vineyard in 1997 near Beechworth in the […]

The Beechworth Wine Region is leading the way

As you all know, because I go on about it all the time, I think Beechworth is one of these very special places in Australia to grow fine wine, but it’s not very widely known and really, only recognised by the ‘Wine Cognoscente’. So, it was with a great deal of pleasure that I recently […]

Ned Goodwin MW looks at current release

Ned Goodwin MW came to visit recently and we looked across our portfolio together, I think his thoughts are worth a look, even though some of the wines are sold out here so no longer available from us, but of course may still be available in restaurants, retail and in your own cellar. Grower’s Selection […]

A perspective on Biodynamics and Intuition

When people come to visit us, they often ask questions and want to find out more about biodynamics. I try to explain that to fully understand biodynamics requires a shift in thinking, a shift in thinking that requires judgments to be not solely scientific.  I suggest that embracing biodynamics requires an instinctual understanding of the space […]