Castagna 2019 Cru Wines - Pre-Release Offer

We are coming to what I hope will be the end of what has proven to be three exceedingly complex years. First a pandemic, which almost closed Victoria down, then fire and brimstone with its dreadful loss of life and property (fortunately we only lost the vintage, not life or property); and then, as if to confirm that many difficulties often come in threes, more rain than we had seen in our twenty-six years here, with the resulting complication of exceedingly low crop levels.

Through all that, our vineyard has not let us down. Perhaps it’s the 26 years of biodynamic farming; although crop levels are very low the quality is wonderful.

It is a ridiculously small pre-release offer this year, only two wines, Genesis and Un Segreto The 2019 La Chiave was offered at last year’s pre-release offer; the 2021 La Chiave I’d like to keep back a little longer before release.  There will not be a 2020 vintage from us. The 2019 La Chiave is available on general release.So, it’s my pleasure to offer our 2019 Cru wines at Pre-Release prices. Our yearly Pre-Release offer, exclusively to our Mailing List, is the only time our wines are discounted, so do take advantage of it.

This offer will only be available until Friday 8 September, with the wines being dispatched at approximately the end of October or beginning of November.

Pre-Release Pricing:

1-11 bottles*: $85 each

12+bottle*: $80 each

Price after pre-release period: $89

*The quantity discount is automatically applied in cart, discount is for each wine, not combined total.

Ned Goodwin MW looked at the wines for us and these are his thoughts.

Castagna 2019 Genesis Syrah

The finest syrah in Australia, if not the New World. At least if the measuring stick is the Northern Rhone. A warm year, but with no dearth of freshness, nor aromatic fireworks. Think violets, salumi, blueberries, crushed clove, mace and Chinese five spice. The tannins, a beautiful weave from fore to aft. A little more astringent, perhaps, than the finest vintages, but this biodynamically certified expression will age beautifully across the mid-term. Best after 2025.

Castagna 2019 Un Segreto

An archetypal blend, melding the Italian story with the new frontier, manifests as sangiovese and syrah. While some blends are mishmashes, this works exceptionally well. Riffs on lilac, licorice root, beef stock, cinnamon oak and red to blue fruit allusions, with a perk of tannic edginess and acid brightness across the finish. I’d be drinking this mid-weighter across the earlier to mid-term. Wonderful vivacity and versatility all in one. Among the first fully certified biodynamic addresses. Drink or hold.

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1-11 bottles = $85 ea / 12+ = $80. Price after pre-release = $89. Discount will be automatically applied in cart, the quantity discount is for each wine, not a combined total.

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