I’m pleased to be able to offer our held-back 2016 La Chiave and Un Segreto wines for immediate release – while I plan to hold back the 2016 Genesis a tad longer, offering our 2015 vintage at last year’s price while we have stock. The wines have developed beautifully and have an added complexity and depth from their extra time in bottle – getting better every time I taste them. I’m so chuffed that we are at last able to fulfil our long- cherished ambition of being able to offer our Cru wines with some bottle age at release.

You can see what’s available, and order the current wines, on the attached interactive form, or if you prefer a print form, click the link to download a copy. A Supplementary Order Form of Back Vintages and Museum wines along with our delicious Vermouth, Adam’s Pear Cider and our biodynamic EVO is also available for download, as either an interactive or print form.

Now some news about Open Day. If you were wondering, we have decided to take a year off this year, mainly because we need to make some alterations and the timing just doesn’t fit. I hope that all of you who come each year won’t be too disappointed. In its stead we thought we’d have a Barrel Room lunch, if I can get it together in time before Christmas. I will let you know details once we know.